I am a bit late :-) -Deprive


Your caress, Your care

So much love to share.

Your eyes, Your smile

Are they still that docile?

You were rigid, You were calm

You were clumsy, You were the charm.


The way you nurtured me

The way you pampered me

will always stay with me…


You made me efficient and upright

And gave me that insight.

The lessons of dignity,

Your admiration for simplicity

will always stay with me…


Your appreciation for being self-reliant yet humble

Your fragrance so subtle

will always stay with me….


I always saw you going out of the way for your folks with a smile

Yet you were and you are deprived.

You are deprived of me

I am deprived of you and your love.

You chose the folks over me

I chose my love over you


You have your reasons and fears

I wish someday you’ll fight those out…

Until then we stay deprived.


**Love your dear ones! Have empathy for others! Stay strong! Stay blessed**

© Amandeep Kour Banerjee, 2016












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