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Love Learn Detach Love Repeat

Have you ever thought! Who’s the person you trust the most in your life? It might be your mother, father, best friend, sister, brother, your neighbor, relatives or for that matter your partner. You rely upon them. You trust them with eyes closed.But there are times when we have disagreements, tiffs, debates among these relations and we end up with frowning faces and no talk policy. As an individual our ego or our inner self does not allows us to take the first step and apologize or mend it.

Expectation: The basic problem is expectation. If you stop expecting from others and start expecting from yourself, life would be damn easy. When you expect from yourself, you are continuously evolving as a human being. A lot of time goes in to meeting your self made expectations, making mistakes, learning and improvising for better results. So much time goes in to self improvisation that your mind and soul has no energy left to expect from others.

Detachment suit: I believe most of us sulk when we have disagreements or negative debates with our dear ones. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your loved ones and if problems arise, just rise and wear your invisible detachment suit unlike the iron man’s suit and shine. Learn to detach from situations that cause distress to you and others. Utilize your time in a creative, productive manner. Don’t worry about what others think. You are giving yourself and them the time to come out of the distress.

Get involved: The truth is that you cannot make everyone happy but we can make things easier by understanding, controlling and directing ourselves towards hobbies, things that make us happy and occupied. In this effort lot of years of our lifetime would be consumed, so where’s the time to sulk, find faults, frown faces. Life ¬†always gives us an opportunity to understand life till last breath and if we can take the plunge we’ll go so deep in to an ocean of learning, growing, forgiving and attaining more and more wisdom. We don’t need to follow a spiritual path. “It’s a journey of understanding your inner self and discovering the meaning of your existence”. And in this effort as you grow, you will find many who would want to come along. Take them along and you will see yourself evolving and helping others evolve.

Love your dear ones! Have empathy for others! Learn to detach! Stay strong! Stay blessed.

© Amandeep Kour Banerjee, 2016